Synapsyche - The Abyss Effect (2016)

Synapsyche – The Abyss Effect (review @ Peek-A-Boo)

The Italian harsh EBM act Synapsyche releases its second album on SkyQode: The Abyss Effect. The band describes the album as a descent into a modern inferno: a combination of pounding beats, heavy grooves, melodic synth lines and clean, sometimes aggressive vocals. The digital version includes 11 original tracks, while the CD version comes in a limited digipak, equipped with a special bonus track: a cover of Moby’s hit Lift Me Up.

Negativa is an opening song with a peaceful nature. We All Suck is a harsh EBM song par excellence: dark beats, hard bass lines, aggressive vocals and especially danceable. This is harsh in a nutshell. Veneral gets some distorted female vocals, alternated with distorted voices.

The Flesh Party is very hard and that goes for the rest of the album.. Backup Of An Empty Folder starts quietly and has a synthpop-like melody, but with a creepy side. Anyway, halfway the nice danceable harsh electro returns. EBM and a somewhat ‘softer’ electro are the key sounds of Hate and Psyche, although it becomes more exciting and harder towards the end.

Self-Worship Doctrine begins with an ominous prophecy, a classic argument: “That in silence… music… a divine music bursts out over them all…” How sweet and divine this may sound, it soon becomes a hell. Angel On Vicodin is very upbeat and almost sounds like hell electro/aggrotech. In Apocalypse We Trust is pounding harsh, Trauma in Mi Minore begins with classical music that evokes a more exciting atmosphere: strings, a trembling and vibrating cymbal… uplifting… and then there’s the beat of a drum machine. There’s no mercy for the eardrums. The last song is Tabula Rasa. The aggressive beats and vocals are joined by doomy riffs. The song is sung in Italian, which makes it different. The track is really melodic and musical, then it stops and ends softly. A great song in terms of arrangement.

This is an entertaining harsh electro CD that’ll give you some pleasure, even though Synapsyche tortures your eardrums. All elements are present: hard rhythm sections, some faster, others slower, a beautiful song structure, soft and loud passages… The diversity of voices is an asset for this album. In this genre, we usually only hear voices with heavy distortion. These men do it differently, which means that the album is entertaining from beginning to end.

Rating: 88/100

by Jurgen @ Peek-A-Boo