Synapsyche - Hate And Psyche (2015)

Synapsyche – Hate & Psyche (review @ Brutal Resonance)

Straight out of Ferrara Italy, Synapsyche unleashes the newest E.P “Hate and Psyche” that carries 5 tracks of harsh ebm/dark electro tracks sure to make your local nudie bar rejoice for an update to their continuous rotation (although I can’t save you from a bouncer for your attempt to liven up the party). No stranger to the scene, Synapsyche’s strong premise has also landed them amongst the Skyqode roster to add to the great mix of projects and albums recently out this year to carry on the torch.

Before I get started I must say this album reminds me of my late adolescent years. The excitement of entering a backwoods strip club nestled away in the hillsides of the luxuriously deprived dwellings in the state of Pennsylvania. Surrounded by Christmas lights and the fallen woodchips that look like petrified snow on a warm summers eve (not the feminine product), rightfully catering to the finest female critters you’ve ever seen dancing with socks on this side of the Mississippi. These were indeed special moments of a time once cherished that have been heavily missed while listening to the newest E.P “Hate and Psyche” by Synapsyche. Let’s relive those fond memories, shall we?

Reminiscent of glorious times being greeted by an Appalachian man with one leg, ‘Hate and Psyche’ begins its malevolent ways of constructing a tightly woven brace sure to please the harsh electro crowd. The combination of harsh and subtle vocals really shine within Synapsyche’s tracks and this is no exception. As the momentum of the synthline wraps around the pounding bass drum, the chorus takes shape into a nicely niched song that is not taking any chances musically but delivers a straight, to the point track in all its glory. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it really shows the inclined ability of the project but does begin to be a little monotonous with no earth shattering structural changes. Over all, this is a great track for both those accustomed to and getting acquainted with Synapsyche.

Like a bag of coke and stack of twenties in a tittie bar, ‘Whore Wide Web’ delivers its punch into the unknown that undeniably leads to a great time contrasting the light and dark that is often seen lurking on the other side. As the undertone of the arpeggio sweeps the synth into a verse consisting of subtle bass and driving kick drum it is with the slight vocal spell that ever so carries itself into the harsh undertone that we expect from Synapsyche and this is no exception. As the temperatures rise, the chorus builds itself into yet another track of domination.

My absolute favorite off the album, Breath Control is a true masterpiece. From the superb production quality that has remained consistent throughout the entire album to the blend of female and male vocals that shine through the recourse of synthlines, this will undoubtedly be a track you will hear much of in the year to come.

Reminiscent of older EBM, this next track which is also a remix of ‘Hate and Psyche’ by Zwelfelhaft really draws a different take on the original and one of the reasons why I also remained a loyal patron to that old shack in the woods where my paychecks vaguely disappeared. Anyways, at first I was skeptical to how this track would turn out but was quite pleased with the end results as it matches flawlessly within the album. Almost into departure but not until that final run with the glass mirror, Device Noize is no stranger to doing Remixes. In fact, when I see Device Noize attached to any remix I can’t wait to check it out and this is no exception on ‘Blame Index 100%’. Simply stunning synth work that structurally carries quite well throughout the entire song building amongst itself and creating a complex nature within the track.

Although this album may have a straight forward approach from time to time, it is yet again a noteworthy piece of work by Synapsyche that will sure to win over many fans within the scene. Some personal highlights would most definitely be ‘Breath Control’ and ‘Whore Wide Web’. If you have not done so I strongly advise checking this out and the latest releases as this will ultimately be another highly anticipated project for many albums to come and one that I will personally jump at the chance to check out.

Rating: 7.5/10

Matt Havens @ Brutal Resonance