Purple Fog Side - Reality Awaits

Purple Fog Side – Reality Awaits (review @ Deadaudio)

In Purple Fog Side’s seventh Reality Awaits is a great ethereal synth album. Often times in that genre the music is floaty and goes nowhere. Although there are no real club tracks there are several that will make you want to dance. This album reminds me of ‘Delerium’ in the late nineties.

Listening to this album brings me joy, and brings me back to the great times I had in the nineties. However, this is totally new, so I have some déjà vu, like I went to my nineties self and played this for me in my sleep.

The album starts off strong with ‘Fairytale’. Nika Yakovleva’s voice is ethereal and beautiful. I love the progression from ethereal and then the drums and bass come in bringing the track to a strong finish. Listening to this song I felt the need to clutch someone and dance.

The sound continues with pixie queen with Stas Furman, in his debut in PFS, bringing in the lead. Usually in this genre the men let down the feeling, but not with this album.

‘Emptiness is a Gift’ is my favorite song of the album. This song is perfectly put together and the chorus is like magic, and gives me chills. This song needs to get out and be a modern day version of Delerium’s ‘Silence’.

Sadly the album starts to wind down after the third track. The remaining tracks of note are ‘We Hold The Breath’, which is harder than the rest of the album, but fits in well with the sonic progression. With Stas Furman’s vocals perfectly fitting in with the music The other notable track ‘Shreds (My Little Hideaway)’ is a dancier track. Nika Yakovleva’s voice is beautiful and engaging.

I really liked this album, and I especially like how it brought me back the the great times of my youth.

Rating: 4/5

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