Purple Fog Side - Reality Awaits

Purple Fog Side – Reality Awaits (review @ Blackvector)

Purple Fog Side was created back in 1996 as a one-man project and released the debut album “Roon” in 1998. Over the years, the band have taken many different turns and experimented with lots of styles including IDM, Dark Electro, Industrial, Gothic and even Ambient. To date, the project is a three-piece army and 2013 sees the return of the band with the new album “Reality Awaits”.

With a very diverse and mature sound Purple Fog Side deliver a really cool album with lots of different turns on the way. The main style is of course Synthpop, or Electronic, but it definitely find its way into the Gothic style or even a more Rock oriented sound during the course. It’s catchy with very strong experimental and sensual sounds. It feels very organic with lots of dark beats and great soundscapes to create a heavy atmosphere together with both male and female vocals.

I definitely find the more electronic outputs as the bands strongest, and together with great female vocals it makes a really cool combination. But even the more Rock-oriented “Shreds (My Little Hideaway)” is however a very up-tempo and powerful tracks that mix the Rock with strong electronic soundscapes. That is the case in most of the songs. The powerful beats makes perfect to the sound constellations and different layers that create a very interesting sound.

Rating: 8/10

Björn Andersson @ Blackvector