Mental Discipline - Fall 2 Pieces EP

Mental Discipline – Fall 2 Pieces (review @ Blackvector)

Late last year, Russia native Alex Mental released the debut album of his project Mental Discipline. The album was brought with great success in the way it was presented. Every single song had different vocalists from all around the world, leaving it with a great variety. It manage to end up as one of the strongest releases from last year and Alex have got more recognition around the scene.

This brought us to the latest offering from the project in form of a 6-track EP, the first of two to be released and before the second album hits next year. First out is the title track “Fall to Pieces”. On the album, this song was sung by Frozen Plasma-fame vocalist Felix Marc, but here on the other hand, Mental Discipline deliver a re-recorded new version of the original with Alex himself on vocals which leave any doubts answered with the capability of delivering a strong voice or not. He did however, included a bonus track on the album with him on vocals but for you who haven’t heard; Here is the result. I must say he does it really great. The version grows by every listen and is easy to like, just as it is an amazing track overall.

But this isn’t the only new version. Remember “Shine On Me” on the album and the collaboration together with fellow comrade Alexander Gladky of Alpha Point? The track in included here as well but with a completely new lyrics and new vocals in form of ex-Dual Density singer Tess Fries. This is the first female collaboration and the sound of it, it’s just stunning.

Followed is some really amazing remixes from some of today’s strongest acts in the scene. Assemblage 23, Ginger Snap5 and SITD. Tom Shear have put is magical touch on “WDYWFM” featuring Richard Björklund (SpeKtralized) on vocals. Rising stars, and fellow label mates Ginger Snap5 presented an up-tempo version of “God & Devil” while hard-hitting German force SITD created a beat-driven and powerful dito of the popular “Over Horizon”, featuring Roberto Conforti of Pulcher Femina on vocals.

Mental Discipline once again deliver a top release. “Fall 2 Pieces” strike with fresh sounds, amazing remixes with a diverse set of structure leaving it with both emotional versions and more club-friendly approaches. A second EP is scheduled for later this year, so keep your eyes open. It’s only a couple of months away!

Rating: 9.5/10

Björn Andersson @ Blackvector