Mental Discipline - Constellation

Mental Discipline – Constellation (review @ Side-Line)

Mental Discipline is probably the hottest Russian synth-pop project I’ve heard in the past few years. The synth-pop style also moves into real future-pop reminiscences and more commercial dance-pop music. But in the end, and the least I can say, is that the 2nd full length of this project set up by Alex Mental simply sounds amazing!

One of the main characteristics about this album is that the majority of the songs features guest artists –mainly singers. The list is quite impressive featuring bands like Felix Marc, Pulcher Femina, Endanger, Spektralized, Culture Kultür, Distain ao.

Every new song is a new exploration of the wide synth-pop fields, but every single song is masterly produced. The “Intro” is an instrumental piece mixing dance electronics and electro-space sounds à la Tangerine Dream. The real kick off is the very dance-minded “My Madhouse” feat. Suede F (Carved Souls). You immediately will notice the solid lead carrying this song. “Fall to Pieces” feat. Felix Marc sounds in a similar vein while “Shine On Me” feat. Ruch (Alpha Point) is a pure evocation of the VNV Nation sound trademark. The lead is once more dance-trance like and even reminding me of DJ Tiësto.

There’re more noticeable and impressive songs on this album. “So Many Times” feat. Rouven Walterowicz (Endanger) and “WDYWFM” feat. Richard Björklund both are alluring pieces again carried by strong leads and danceable vibes. But the absolute masterpiece is “Disguise” feat. Salva Maine (Culture Kultür). I didn’t exactly expect Salva Maine singing on such a dance-pop song which is once more dominated by an irresistible melodic and danceable lead.

Alex Mental is a little genius when it comes to assimilated different elements of synth-pop music. He’s fully entertaining his listeners the entire album long and I can only imagine all guests having been totally satisfied by the result.

Rating: 9/10

by Side-Line