Mental Discipline - Constellation

Mental Discipline – Constellation (review @ Blackvector)

Following from last years first official release with the single “Fallen Stars”, Russia-native Alex Mental return with his project Mental Discipline and the debut album “Constellation”.

The single was presented with two different guest vocalists in Felix Marc of Diorama and Frozen Plasma and Peter Rainman, the man behind People Theatre. Felix Marc do however return once again together with nine other great vocalists. That is a concept that the album continue with. After all, it went out well last time. “Constellation” comes with a total of 12 tracks and every single one, besides the intro, features different vocalists from bands in the scene.

After the intro, the album really kicks off on a serious note. Even if the intro really opens up the album in a great way, it is with what is to follow that really get you to move. I’ve seen one similar album like this before and it was with a project from Negative Format mastermind Alex Matheu who released the album “Fusion” back in 2004 with the project The Parallel Project featuring different vocalists on every single song. Alex Matheu did it very well back then, and I must say Alex Mental does the same here. “Constellation” is a very strong album with lots of catchy tunes. Just when you thought you couldn’t fit in all the melodic atmosphere and catchiness in an album like this, it happen. It is full speed ahead from the very first track after the intro and stays there for the remaining part of the album. Almost. It is only on the last song, featuring vocals from Alex Brown of !Distain that the tempo is dropped.

I’m probably most amazed by the vocal improvement of Roberto Conforti, the man behind Pulcher Femina on the track “Over Horizon”. It’s a huge change since his own album “Darkness Prevails” was released back in 2010. Other than that, you will probably recognize the other voices pretty well.

Even if it could sound like something that doesn’t add diversity, I must say that it really does, as it sounds very varied with every single voice that is contributed. “Constellation” deliver a very addictive set of melodies mixed with a strong club appeal. Every single song is a potential hit and a fresh blow into the Futurepop genre, which is still going strong, and every single guest vocalist does a really great job and it just sound amazing to Alex’s machines.

The CD version of the album include an additional bonus track, “Precious Paradise” with Alex himself on vocals. More rhythms to a catchy mid-tempo approach. He definitely doesn’t have a bad voice as it works really well together with the sounds.

Rating: 9.5/10

Björn Andersson @ Blackvector