Mental Discipline - Butterfly (EP) 2014

Mental Discipline – Butterfly (review @ Side-Line)

The debut album of Mental Discipline (cf. “Constellation”) took me by surprise, being for sure one of the best albums in 2012. This Russian solo-project set up by Alex Mental brings us a teaser from the announced new full length album.

“Butterfly” is a song that was originally composed a few years ago now and, which has been reworked to serve as title track for this new EP. The original version is carried by a pumping beat and typical synth-pop inspired arrangements. Mental discipline is not exactly emulating synth-pop icons rather than mixing different elements together. There’s a great remix of the title song by Unity One. This version has been seriously empowered by amazing dance vibes and based upon a solid lead. This remix is pure and lusty power-pop music.

There’s 1 more remix of a song that we probably will discover on the forthcoming album as well. The remix of “Precious Paradise” by Mind.In.A.Box is a quite noticeable and elaborated piece of work featuring cool bleeps and a psychedelic touch, which comes closer to THYX (the other project of Stefan Poiss) than to Mind.In.A.Box.

Among the 2 songs left, one features Tess. “Give Me A Memory” is a great piece of music revealing a kind of pop-rock approach. It’s powerful cut lead by powerful pop sequences and embellished by guitar parts while featuring female vocals by Tess. “Until The End” rather sounds as an EP-filler and is the final cut as well. It’s a very soft track with a tiny melancholic flavor.

I can’t say that “Butterfly” is the best piece I’ve heard from Mental Discipline although the sound formula remains pretty similar to the “Constellation”-album. I think we might be confident to get a new masterpiece in the next few months.

Rating: 7/10

by Side-Line