Ginger Snap5 - Snapped By You

Ginger Snap5 – Snapped By You (review @ Side-Line)

We here welcome a very exciting project based in Odessa (Ukraine). If the name Ginger Snap5 doesn’t say that much, you maybe have noticed this project band remixed bands like Trakktor, Wynardtage, Empty ao. “Snapped By You” is the more than promising debut album by Roman Soroka who’s the producer and mastermind behind this project.

I remember the SkyQode label from the excellent –and still trance driven, album (cf. “Constellation”) by Mental Discipline. Ginger Snap5 is another surprise composing heavy and ultra powerful dance kicks, which are carrying pure trance-pop structures. The impressive technoid arrangements and other manipulations will leave you breathless. Furious body sequences empower the production with a darker and aggressive element. The melody lines are irresistible, but pure trance-minded. On top of it all you’ll hear robotic vocal parts, which totally match with the music.

This album is a real phenomenal piece of music. There’s a constant power carried by solid danceable vibes and beats. But the sound research and global arrangements are impressive as well. This is not the kind of ‘cheap’ dance project or average Depeche Mode clone. Ginger Snap5 perfectly mixes different electro ingredients together until they achieve a kind of ‘power-pop’ formula.

The tracklist features a non-stop succession of alluring songs. The last part is just featuring a few ‘softer’ and more explicit pop-orientated cuts. Some of the leads might remind you of VNV Nation, but there always is a heavy trance touch on top. One of the songs (cf. “Trauma Mansion”) features synth-pop label mates Cold In May.

The heavy trance leads and technoid influences will probably not ravish all synth-pop lovers, but Ginger Snap5 is much more than simply electro-pop. This is a great fusion of different electro genres that has been a platform to create a genius album!

Rating: 9/10

by Side-Line