Ginger Snap5 - Snapped By You

Ginger Snap5 – Snapped By You (review @ Brutal Resonance)

You know, it’s amazing how Ginger Snap5 really gained a respectable fanbase. Through a bunch of remixes for a various amount of bands (one of my favorites appearing on Shadow System’s Dark by Design), the solo act of Romeo Soroka has garnered a pretty fervent following.

Seeming to show the story of a psychopathic ginger woman (at least that’s what I’m gaining from the cover of his albums), his heavy albums always manage to pack a shit ton of bass and very fun and dance like material. And, plus, he really speaks to me, as I’ve been described as being a ginger in the past. And I admit that with no shame when music like this comes out influenced by my own kind.

And, well, his latest album, Snapped By You, is everything we’d come to hope from the man. Everything is very well put together, with very good production quality for a first time release. It’s a miracle to think that this is only his first album up until this point, because it just sounds so good.

Each song, like his past works, is full of great rhythms and a poppish undertone, making way for an almost gritty synthpop album influenced by electro-industrial. There’s even help from Belorussian act Cold in May on the final track of the album. I didn’t like the vocals as much as I enjoyed Soroka’s, but the lighter beat with some piano work played out fairly well.

I think the pinnacle of this album is reached with Ginger Girl. Although the autotune sounding vocals gets just a tad bit annoying, I still have to say that the synth heavy beat is probably the best on the album. And, well, there you have it. I’ll stop talking now so you can just go listen to the album and enjoy it for yourself; be prepared to mentally snap for a ginger girl after you listen to this, for you’ll find a lot to love in this album.

Rating: 7.5/10

Steven Gullotta @ Brutal Resonance