Ginger Snap5 - Snapped By You

Ginger Snap5 – Snapped By You (review @ Auxiliary Magazine)

Coming from the Ukraine, Romeo Soroka’s project Ginger Snap5 has been sneaking around the underground for some time now doing remixes for what seems like everyone. Their remixes always stood out from the others because of the intense and powerful trance like synths. While remixes are good and all, original content is what will make a name for you, and with the release of Snapped By You, we finally get a chance to see what this project is capable of. Snapped By You does have plenty of signature synths which are combined with hard hitting beats, well performed vocals, interesting well thought out lyrics, and catchy pop hooks. The thing that stands out is of course the synths and there is so much, you might think you are stuck at a rave, and the non-stop high energy beats just fuel these thoughts. The album might seem obnoxious, but really it has this underlying calm tone throughout, that while the pace is high your anxiety is not. The only problem I see is that it is a bit difficult to separate the songs from one another without really listening to the album over and over. Overall Snapped By You is worth checking out, it is well written and well executed. It is nice to see Ginger Snap5 with a proper album and I hope to see more of them in the future.

Rating: 8/10

Mike Kiefer @ Auxiliary Magazine