Ginger Snap5 - Break Me Down

Ginger Snap5 – Break Me Down (review @ Brutal Resonance)

This five track EP really blew me away upon first listen. With two original tracks, two remixes by Cold In May and Mental Discipline followed by a Stripped Version of the title track.

A powerful surging electronic sound is accomplished by Ginger Snap5 from this release with the two tracks “Break Me Down” and “Shadow gHost”. From the first playthrough I knew I could really enjoy this release, leading with the title track “Break Me Down”, the EP opens with a steady introduction which suddenly bursts into a wonderful collaboration of electronic sounds completely dance worthy and successfully composed. The vocals are heavily synthetic in style which creates a really unique sound which resonates a melancholy and synthesized feel complimented with the well-written lyrics which are easy to relate to but also a refreshing change.

This track is followed by “Shadow gHost” which starts in a similar fashion literally with the word “Go!”. An amazing sound too from this track. Matching the vocal style from the previous track however there is more use of a slightly darker undertone in vocal style which is beautifully complimented too with the vocals which take a little more of a darker tone but still following the romantic and soft feel. I can see these tracks becoming huge hits on a dance floor and even more so for general pleasant listening.

Onto the remixes. First by Cold In May, a more Industrial Metal rendition of “Break Me Down”, dare I say it. A heavy thud of the guitars and drums are felt from the get go accompanying the sound of the original track creating a really enjoyable version of a great track. The second remix is by Mental Discipline and of “Shadow gHost”, this remix manages to a convey a sound similar to the original however the progression is made much more dominant which adds a sense of darkness which is then matched with a familiar Industrial beat style of a ‘stomp-crash’ description. Both remixes manage to blend with the original tracks creating a more than impressive sound to the EP. Ending with the “Break Me Down (Stripped Version)”. A different vibe to the original again but too greatly achieved with a more progressive feel and a more, as expected, musically stripped version.

Overall, every track is thoroughly enjoyable, utterly danceable and truly something to be admired. I would love to see where this project goes next. I recommend the release a full listen. Ginger Snap5 is going places and I really look forward to all their future work. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this and will continue to listen! A very firm 7.5, for the quality of the EP and the hopes I have for other releases. Go check it out!

Rating: 7.5/10

Liam Richards @ Brutal Resonance