Freaky Mind - Surrogate (2014)

Freaky Mind – Surrogate (review @ Side-Line)

The least I can say is that there are more and more great electronic bands emerging from Russia. Freaky Mind is not exactly a name that rings a bell, but after having heard their 2nd opus I for sure became totally addicted to what they call ‘killer body music from Moscow’.

If Freaky Mind is a new formation to me, SkyQode is a label that already let me discover amazing bands like Mental Discipline and Ginger Snap5. Freaky Mind clearly deals with darker influences unleashing a grandiose dark-electro opus. A merciless cadence directly seems like inviting the listener to dance. There’s no real intro cut Freaky Mind preferring to get immediately to the essence of their work. Simple, but efficient leads are reinforcing the songs while harsh vocals bring the listener into a state of terror. Some parts are a little bit more epic like, which only accentuates the obscure mood hanging over the songs. “Surrogate” is cold and raw, but still melodic and achieved by great little treatments. “Anticompromizer” features approximate technoid elements, which perfectly fits to the raw dark-body cut. This song is also characterized by great sonic manipulations, Freaky Mind definitely sounding different than the average dark-electronic clones. “Blogposter” is another interesting song for its kind of horror-tune sequence while a terrific kick and furious electro assaults are leading this song to a sonic orgasm.

The last part of “Surrogate” is a bit surprising when discovering the heavy guitar riffs on “Soul Corruptor”. It seems to prove that this band really wants to take a distance with the dark-electronic standards, moving on more eclectic paths where guitar sounds have a place. And it even becomes more interesting when some filtered and somewhat acid-like bleeps are joining in, which is a formula coming back at “Dependence”. Last, but not least I also want to mention a noticeable remix of “Anticompromizer” by Freakangel.

SkyQode is a label I can only, but highly recommend if you want to discover new, but great bands in the electro-underground genre. Freaky Mind is a real revelation in the genre that might appeal for early Combichrist fans.

Rating: 8/10

by Side-Line