Freaky Mind - Surrogate (2014)

Freaky Mind – Surrogate (review @ Das Klub)

Duo Ayli Remærd and Roman Ericson return to the underground scene releasing the second album by their TBM/ Aggrotech act: Freaky Mind. Titled Surrogate, the album releases on September 30, 2014 and features ten tracks with two bonus remixes by Freakangel and Diversant: 13. This hard hitting blend of open melodies, solid beats, and harsh vocals is more than deserving of your attention.

“Unicorn Porn” sets us off with an immediate start of hard beats that stay with us as a theme through the album. Harsh male vocals also play a dominant part of this album but not every track is limited to screaming lyrics. “Peeping hole” brings energetic electronic play while “Blogposter” picks up the pace with quickened vocals and a “break it down” sort of moment.

“Touch (Crime)” and “Dependence” are the slow tracks of the album but still don’t let go of a steady beat, combining it with lower vocal intensity. “Anticompromizer” keeps some of the vocals toned down but revives the beats for a strong rush of electronic synth and lyrics. “Soul Corruptor” switches the intensity on and off with heavy guitar and screamed vocals. “Handhardcore” is the last original track, having a distinctly heavier background with a mix of screamed and normal, witty toned vocals.

The Diversant: 13 Remix of “Hit me” follows as a slower and steadier version of the original with heavier background. Finally, “Anticompromizer (Freakangel Remix)” closes the 12 track album with another slower remix, featuring more distortion and ambience.

If you enjoy the fast and heavy side of the scene, Freaky Mind’s Surrogate is certainly for you. I enjoyed pretty much everything Freaky Mind had to offer and this album gets a strong 4/5 from me. I have no doubt that Freaky Mind has a strong grasp on what they’re doing here.

R4ND0MN355 @ Das Klub