Diversant13 - New World Disorder (2014)

Diversant:13 – New World Disorder (review @ Side-Line)

Diversant:13 is a combo I became familiar from their earlier work, which was a promising exposure of dark-electronics and EBM. After having released an impressive number of digital EPs the band from Belarus has been finally rewarded with their first official album released by the great SkyQode label.

The album takes off with the title song of their last EP “Equinox”, which is a solid piece of dark agreppo carried by muscled guitar parts. A similar formula can be heard at “Borderlands” confirming the potential and sound violence of this project. The pumping kicks make it all ultra dance-able while most of the songs reveal a nice twist between elaborated electronic structures and carrying guitar parts. On top of it all you get rather traditional vocals for this genre of music.

“Icarus” is the next great experience featuring extra cold electronics. The least I can say is that the debut part of “New World Disorder” sounds like a big uppercut right in your face. The band claims to be inspired by bands like Agonoize, Alien Vampires, Wumpscut, Hocico and Suicide Commando and that’s pretty noticeable when listening to “Here Comes The Storm.” I personally prefer “Spit The Fire Out” and “Bleeding Sun”, which are both attention grabbers from the album. The sound recipe remains pretty identical, but totally successful. The ‘regular’ part of the CD ends with the kind of apocalyptic ballad “New World” featuring Omnimar and a bonus track.

We next get 4 remixes by Cygnosic, Nitro/Noise, Cutoff:Sky and Freaky Mind. The remixes are okay, but I was most convinced by the Nitro/Noise remix of “Equinox”.

Conclusion: This is a well-crafted and fully accomplished debut full length revealing a dark-electro act you better keep an eye on.

Rating: 8.5/10

by Side-Line