Diversant13 - Equinox (2014)

Diversant:13 – Equinox (review @ Brutal Resonance)

Ever since I first heard ‘s , I have been hooked on their sound. It’s not to say that they do much terribly different from a lot of other acts, but they do alter the sonic warfare that plays through your earphones to create harsh EBM and dark electro music that you can easily identify as their sound.

And, catching up on them has not left me disappointed by far; hearing that they’ve recently been signed onto skyQode was a dandy thing to learn, and to hear that a single has been released teasing their next album New World Disorder made me smile a wide, possibly creepy, grin.

The single , comes just before the main album, due to release sometime this month. Featuring one new track, with a remix attached from critically acclaimed Nitro/Noise, and featuring a remix of another new song by Cutoff:Sky, there’s a whole lot to get worked up over in a matter of just three songs.

Equinox itself begins off with drum work, sci-fi like electronics, and sampled choral tones that eventually come to a heavy beat mixed with guitar work. When the vocals hit in, you can expect growling mixed with distortion, adding to the overall spiciness of the track. Not only does this track offer a healthy dose of dance beats, but it also offers a grinding rhythm that anyone can easily let steam off to.

The Apocalyptic Remix done by Nitro/Noise adds in more electronics and bleeps, sort of tossing out the guitar and drums in favor for more technological elements. The rhythm follows through with the original, but the remix still offers something slightly different. Cutoff:Sky’s remix of Bleeding Sun crammed out a song heavily influenced by dubstep. I never listened to the original version, as I’m pretty sure it’s not available as of yet, but the remix in itself was fun.

And, as a teaser to the next album, I’m liking what I’m hearing. We definitely are not getting repeated efforts from past works, but rather a different and sort of evolution. Some fans might find it hard to bear, but I’m hopping aboard this train full steam ahead. My only question is: When do we get the full album?

Rating: 7.5/10

Steven Gullotta @ Brutal Resonance