Cold In May - Dark Season (2013)

Cold In May – Dark Season (review @ Jamsphere)

Cold In May is a three‐piece synth rock band from Minsk, Belarus. Started in 2006 by the talented and versatile musician Arsenio Archer (also known for Diversant:13, Martian Love and Monoclast), the band gained popularity and recognition after releasing the highly acclaimed debut album, “Gone Away With The Memories”. Cold In May shared the stage with well‐known groups like Blutengel, Diorama, Solar Fake, and Rabia Sorda, and also successfully performed at several big festivals in Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

The music label, Skyqode has recently released Cold In May’s much anticipated 11-track, second full‐length album, “Dark Season”, which presents listeners with a perfect balance between synth‐driven melodies and rocking guitars.

Cold In May’s new direction has a rocker feel and it has this cross-over sound showcasing many influences that I think sets them apart from most bands. The heavy beats are all there, but they also dabble in snarling guitars, electronica and slight emo influences.

Their ability to make uncomplicated yet beautiful soundscapes, impressionistic, emotional songs reminiscent of a vibrant painting rendered into audio, makes it impossible for me to stop listening to them. While sound is all important to what Cold In May do, this album benefits from lyrics that are both audible and appropriate.

The band is pushing at the boundaries all the time. Mellow and rhythmic songs elegantly draped with atmospheric light and shade; great melodic pop songs in vast spaces full of electronic ebbing and flowing. Plus layers of guitars, synths and vocals, between shifting patterns of sound and rhythm, make “Dark Season”, a highly enjoyable album.

Cold In May seem to be probing the borderland between modern indie rock and electronic atmospheres reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s, crafting some fine songs and creating soaring ambient frames to perform them in.

The production is superbly clear throughout, while my favorite tracks include “The Reason”, “A Little Place For Hope”, “Starbright”, “Happy People”, “Night Like These” and “Black Wind”. The unique combination of guitar riffs and dark, brooding and atmospheric Electro sounds has always been an interesting concept, and Cold In May work it to the full on this album.

“Dark Season”, is an exciting, accomplished and compelling album. For someone discovering the band for the first time, the album will give a taste of the many different facets of this band from clean, electronic synths to rousing strings, dirty guitars and thumping bass lines mixed with Arsenio Archer’s voice and combined lyrical force.

Rick Jamm @ Jammsphere