Cold In May - Dark Season (2013)

Cold In May – Dark Season (review @ Brutal Resonance)

Ever since I first heard the Cold in May singer featured in Mental Discipline’s 2012 album Constellation I wanted to hear more from this Belorussian band. After a while, I finally got to hear more about a month ago with the release of the video “The Reason” taken from a single with the same name.

At that point, I’ve heard two tracks from the band and both of them where superbly kick ass, so my expectations for their album ‘Dark Season’ was not exactly low. What a perfectly fitting name for us living here up north, where we have about two seconds of sun (if you blink, you’ll miss it) and all you see those two seconds are snow and/or rain and/or ice and/or frost, all perfectly blended in a color palette in grey and brown. Could this be the soundtrack for the season?

In ‘Dark Season’, “The Reason” is the best track of the album. A perfect blend between soft electronic sounds and light guitars together with the amazing vocals from the singer that goes under the name Arsenio Archer. Even though “The Reason” is shining brightest here, there’s more to find.

Overall, ‘Dark Season’ is quite a soft album for being categorized as “Synth Rock” or “Electro Rock”. It’s far from being ballads, but at the same time, a long way from having a sound like Zeromancer. “A Little Place For Hope”, “Starbright”, “Night Like These” and “Black Wind” gives you a warm feelings all around with their soft approach and part from “The Reason”, these are my favorite tracks.

The album is perhaps not exactly what I expected it to be. I think I expected a bit more energetic approach than the laid back atmosphere presented here. Still, I can’t say I am disappointed, in any way. This album is well produced and filled with good, if not great, tracks. However, probably not an album for the dancefloor DJ, if it’s not intended for being played as the last track of the evening, where the lonely ones look for a warm companion to spend the night with.

This is worth your time.

Rating: 8/10

Patrik @ Brutal Resonance