Diversant:13 Band 2014
Formed in 2007 by the versatile Belarus musician Arsenio Archer (Cold In May, Martian Love, and many others), Diversant:13 has always stood out in the crowded European aggrotech / dark electro scene with their unique blend of distorted vocals, hard beats, heavy guitars and apocalyptic atmosphere. Following the 2012 release of their critically acclaimed debut album “End Of Days”, the band is now ready to unleash another dark and heavy beast on the world this autumn!

Set out to be released on September 23rd (September Equinox!), the new single includes a brand new track, Equinox, as well as two remixes, one by Nitro/Noise, who turned the title track into a high octane club stomper, and the other by Cutoff:Sky, who did a dubstep revision of another new track, Bleeding Sun!

“Equinox” is the forerunner to the band’s forthcoming second album “New World Disorder” due in October 2014.

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