Mental Discipline Live In Israel

Radio interview with Alex of Mental Discipline

As you may know, Mental Discipline will play a show in Tel-Aviv on March, 8th. The well-known Israeli DJ Oren Amram conducted a radio interview with the project’s mastermind, Alex Mental. You can listen to it and read the transcript below!

Hello Alexander from Mental Discipline! How are you?
Hello Oren, I’m fine! Greetings to all listeners of this show!
We’re happy to host you in Israel very soon on March the 8th, in fact this is your first live show outside of Eastern Europe, right?
Yeah, it’s actually my very first concert outside Russia and I’m happy that I can celebrate my foreign debut in Tel-Aviv.
In a very short period of time you did things that well known artists didn’t do in their whole career and yet not many people know about you please tell us Who is Alex Mental?
Well, Alex Mental is a guy behind Mental Discipline, obviously 🙂 I’m a big fan of synthpop and futurepop music. This is why I started my project about five years ago. I’m the only member of the project and I’m responsible for all the duties.
You’re almost 25 years old, you did remixes to the greatest artists in the Synthpop & Futurepop scene, and now – with a lot of courage, you released your debut album: a collection of 10 productions with 10 different artists, like Felix Marc from Diorama, Alex from Distain, Culture Kultur, Cold In May, Carved Souls, Pulcher Femina and more.
Yeah, it all sounds cool, but it’s not just me, there’s a lot of hard work of several people behind it. I must tell I’ve got a great team supporting me, including my manager Stanislav and the guys from the SkyQode label. My success would not be possible without help of these people. And it’s just the beginning, cos I’m sure there’s more to come.
Did you know that you’re gonna do this kind of project when you wrote the songs?
No, I actually planned to perform all the songs myself. This idea to have different vocalists popped up after the remarkable success of my single Fallen Stars.
Did you write a song and said to yourself – this one is for Felix Marc, this one is for Cold In May and so on?
No, when we decided to make such a collaboration album, I had already had most of the songs done. We just made a list of bands we like and started to choose which song suits which band.
How did the artists respond to your idea, to collaborate with you? I suppose that not all of them knew you, you’re quite anonymous in the European Synthpop & Futurepop scene.
Most of those who we contacted about collaboratiing responded quite positively. I think it’s not least because of my previous release with Felix Marc and Peter Rainman which got me some name recognition in Europe. It’s always good to have such a successful collaboration before starting an ambitious project like Constellation 🙂 Unfortunately, not all of them had time to take part in the album.
The album was release on December 2012, already got the title “best Russian Futurepop album of the year” and you are considered “Russia’s most promising Futurepop project”. How Does it feel?
Well, it feels really good. After the release I’ve got a lot of e-mails and messages from different people from all over the world saying how they were impressed with the album. And I’m very happy about that. But of course I understand that it’s just a debut album and there is still a lot of work to do. I don’t wanna stop and I’m ready to evolve. I really think that my best work is yet to come!
“Constellation” was produced, mixed and mastered entirely by Alexander ‘Rush’ Gladky (Alpha Point, Unity One). You two also had some live shows together. How did you collaborate with him and will there be more collaborations with him?

I know Alex since 2010, but the first time we actually met off line was at the Moscow Synthetic Snow festival in December last year. Alex has more experience in making music, mixing and mastering, so I often ask him for advice. He mixed and mastered my single Fallen Stars, so Constellation is not the first time he worked with my songs. We did only one show together so far, it was at that festival, where he performed “Shine on me” from the album. I hope it’s not the last time we collaborate.
Can you tell us about your future plans?
OK, here’s some exclusive information 🙂 At the present moment, I’m busy working on another album that will contain reworked versions of my early tracks. I will resurrect them with a new sound, new arrangements and so on. The label says these tracks have a lot of potential and many fans love the old tracks anyway, so I think it’s a good idea. The label is also planning to release an EP with remixes at some point.
Who’s the artist that you want to collaborate with the most and you haven’t?
I would really like to collaborate with Mesh and Assemblage 23… Love their music very much and always look forward to their releases. Maybe we could do this in future.
Is there an artist that you asked to collaborate with and he just said “no thanx”?
As I said, some of the artists we contacted couldn’t take part because they were busy at the time. I won’t tell you the names, cos, who knows, maybe in future we’ll do something together 🙂
Finally would you like to say something to the Israeli fans and invite them to the show?
Hey guys, this is Alex Mental from Mental Discipline speaking! I’ll be very happy to see you all on the 8th of March at the Dungeon Club! I’m sure we’ll have a great time together! Take care!
Thank you very much Alexander for this interview, I can promise you that you’ll see great Synthpop scene and great people on your visit to Israel.
Thanks, Oren! See you in Tel-Aviv!