Arsenio (Cold In May)

Exclusive interview with Arsenio Archer (Cold In May)

Today we would like to present you an exclusive interview with Arsenio Archer, the mastermind behind Cold In May (and many other awesome projects). The russian version can be found here.

Arsenio, tell us what’s been happening with the band during the last few years, since you released the debut album?

Can you fill us in more about the new album? Some fans are complaining about the drastic changes in your sound after hearing the first single. Is it really so? What should we expect from you?

Actually, there are some changes, but they are not that drastic at all, at least as we feel it. The songs on the debut album were already 6 years old by the time the album was finally released, so they largely reflect the early state of the band. When we started working on a new album, the last thing we wanted to do was to copy the same old stuff once again. I know it would likely be the easiest way to please most fans, but it would be unfair to ourselves as artists. Moving on and evolving is an absolutely normal thing for a musician. Moreover, keep in mind that we don’t earn living by making music, so we just do what we like. Our new album is a more mature record, both musically and conceptually. We tried to sound a little bit more diverse this time, but we also preserved our trademark style that was polished on the debut album. So I’m pretty sure everyone will find something to enjoy on the new album in any case.

Why did you choose “The Reason” to be released as a single before the album?

The single was meant both to show our fans that the band is ready for a new release and to introduce one of the moods of the album. “The Reason” was chosen because it presents fans with some changes in our sound and has a certain dynamic, which makes it a good introduction to the album in general. The thing is that the new album will be more dynamic and vibrant than the previous one, but also rather deep at the same time. I think you can find these characteristics in “The Reason”, as well as in the remix done by the awesome project City Motion Lights.

You said that the new album is a more mature work both music- and conception-wise. So what is the conception behind Dark Season?

Well, I need to say that we like conceptual things and our music has always been conceptual in some way. We treat our albums not only like a separate stage in the development of our music, but also like a separate story. You can even see it on the cover arts to the albums. On the debut one, there’s a girl looking through some fancy window. It has a fairy-tale look to it. On the new album, the girl broke this window and now is facing the real world which is not as fancy as it seemed. Likewise, the lyrics on the first album were themed around childhood memories and something that can’t be turned back, no matter how you want it to, whereas the lyrics on “Dark Season” is more about the real world with its harshness, with its problems. The world of the new album is rather dark, but there is a place for light in it as well.

Do you have any favorite tracks on the album? Or the ones you consider the dearest?

Well, yes, there are such tracks, for example, “Happy People”. This track was originally written in 2007, and only now found its way to be released. It has some socio-philosophical message in the form of the metaphorical lyrics. I really like the melody and the way I did the vocals for it. It’s definitely one of the classiest tracks on the album. Another one, “No Way Back Home”, is a track about when you follow your dreams, there’s no way back to your home, to your past. It’s a very strong track. I also like the track that will be exclusively available on the CD version of the album. It’s a quite unusual one for us, but it’s very beautiful. I think that our fans will enjoy it. Finally, I can’t but mention “Last Day On Earth” which is one of the most powerful tracks on the album. It has a powerful chorus and a catchy melody. I’m sure everyone will like it.

You did a great music video for The Reason. It looks very cool.

Yeah, we are fully satisfied with the work of Mikhail Umpirovich, who was the director of this video. We planned to make it simple, without any showing-off, just beautiful and catchy. I think we managed to achieve this. Shooting took us a few days and luckily we didn’t exceed the budget. For us, this video is a nice visual representation of the story and music of “The Reason”.

Any plans to shoot another video? What your fans should expect from you in the nearest future?

They should expect the release of the new album 🙂 And concerts, of course. As for another video, we are thinking about it, but the final decision will be made after the album is released. Nevertheless, we already have some ideas.

Alright, any final words for your fans?

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for supporting us, for listening to our music and for that great feedback that we received about our debut album! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with our new album. “Dark Season” is a new chapter in our history. We hope it will become a new chapter in your music life too. Keep well, listen to good music, and thank you!

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