Constellation contest: The winners!

Winners of the contest

We are happy to announce the winners of our “guess who” contest! The task was super simple – to listen to the snippets of Mental Discipline – Constellation and to try to recognize who is singing on which track. 10 different tracks – 10 different vocalists. Below you can see the final tracklist with the names of these vocalists:

01. Intro
02. My Madhouse (Feat. Suede F. / Carved Souls)
03. Fall to Pieces (Feat. Felix Marc)
04. Shine On Me (Feat. Rush / Alpha Point)
05. Different Lines (Feat. Eric Nelson / dAVOS)
06. Over Horizon (Feat Roberto C. / Pulcher Femina)
07. So Many Times (Feat. Rouven Walterowicz / Endanger
08. WDYWFM (Feat. Richard Björklund / Spektralized)
09. Disguise (Feat. Salva Maine / Culture Kultür)
10. God & Devil (Feat. Ars Archer / Cold In May)
11. Pray for Me (Feat. Alex Brown / !Distain)

It seems that the task turned out to be quite hard for many people, but still there were a few brave contestants who tried their luck. The luckiest ones are the following:

The winner is Kattie Muette!

Two runner-ups are Еugene Van Roy and Margarita Sashina!

Our sincere congratulations to the winners! And thanks to everyone who took part in the contest.