Eonic - Lighthouse (2015)

Eonic releases a collaboration album with Requiem4FM

Eonic is an electronic project currently based in Saint Petersburg. Started in 2002 as a side-project of the members of electro-industrial act N-616, it was meant to express their passion for creating new age and ambient music. After releasing their fourth album “Secret Land” which received a lot of positive reviews in 2010, the project went on hiatus.

In 2014 the project released a new single “On The Run” recorded in collaboration with Dmitry Tikhonov of Requiem4FM who provided the vocal and lyrics for the track. The single also marked Eonic‘s departure from lengthy new age soundscapes towards a more dynamic mix of lounge and soulful house music. After receiving positive feedback from the fans, the project continued this fruitful collaboration which has resulted in their new full-length album titled “Lighthouse“.

The album is now available in major download stores as well as a ‘Name-your-price’ download on the project’s Bandcamp page. We recommend checking it out!

Listen top the whole album below.