Cold In May

Our new artist is Cold In May!

We are happy to welcome another great artist to our family – Cold In May! It is a three piece synth rock band from Belarus formed in 2006 by the talented and versatile musician Ars Nikonov (Diversant:13, Martian Love, Monoclast to name a few). If you are not familiar with the name, then you haven’t carefully listened to our releases, namely Mental Discipline‘s Constellation and Ginger Snap5‘s Snapped By You, because they feature tracks with the amazing vocals delivered by Ars! Moreover, you should definitely check out Cold In May‘s great debut album “Gone Away With The Memories” released in 2011.

So what plans do we have for Cold In May? First of all, it’s gonna be the new single titled “The Reason” which will be accompanied with a music video. Then we are going to re-release the debut album in digital format as requested by many fans around the world. And the last, but in no way the least, we will release the band’s new album “Dark Season”!

Get ready it’s gonna be cold in November, just like in May!