KROMAK In the voice of others

New Kromak EP Preorder

Have you missed Kromak? We certainly have! That’s why we are so exited to present a brand new EP from Markko B. (С-Lekktor, Circuito Cerrado) and his amazing trance side-project! This time Markko teamed up with several vocalists to take Kromak‘s pounding beats and uplifting vibes to a whole new level! Not to mention that the EP contains a great surprise for all Depeche Mode fans out there – Kromak‘s rendition of “Sister Of Night” in two different versions, one featuring Ruined Conflict and the other a duo of Unity One and Carved Souls! Like the debut album, “In the Voice of Others” received mastering treatment by X-Fusion Music Production to double the impact on your soundsystem, so make sure play it loud!