Neonautics v02_

Neonautics v.02 is up for preorders

We are happy to announce that the second volume of our electropop/synthpop compilation series “Neonautics” is now up for preorders! Following the success of the first volume released in 2014, this CD features a fine selection of new, rare, and exclusive music, ranging from 80s-inspired electropop to modern synthpop. Over 70 minutes in length, this compilation is sure to color your winter with neon lights!

Neonautics v.02 will be out on January 29th. We would like to thank each and every artist who participated in this compilation!


P.S. Everyone can now get a digital copy of Neonautics v.01 featring tracks from Electro Spectre, Syrian, Mental Discipline, Sad January and other artists for just 1 EUR via our Bandcamp page. The offer is valid till January 29th.