Neonautics v.02

Neonautics v.02 Compilation (2016)

We are happy to present our second compilation in the “Neonautics” series highlighting exciting electropop/synthpop artists from all over the world! We carefully hand-picked a selection of new, rare, and exclusive tracks to make sure it will appeal to all synthpop fans out there. Over 70 minutes in length, this compilation is sure to color your winter with neon lights!

We would like to thank each and every artist who participated in this new compilation!

The CD version of the compilation will be available approximately on February 19th.


01. Insight – A Long Time
02. Glass Apple Bonzai – With The Mind Of A Liar (Extended)
03. Electro Spectre – River (Radio Version)
04. Sad January – Your Design
05. Analog – Melodies From Memory
06. Pasadena Night – Beauty Of Night
07. Mechanical Apfelsine – I Remember
08. Bradley – Tonight
09. Dreamfix – Deliver Me
10. Etage Neun – Cry Out In The Rain
11. Daniel – To Dare (People Theatre’s Audace Remix)
12. Pegasus Asteroid – Genies
13. Lost Controllers – Your World
14. Sound Agency – One Life (Radio Version)
15. Nordika – Fly (Feat. Henrik Iversen) (Purple Fog Side’s Neonautics Remix)
16. Vaylon – Empty Streets (Personal Space Remix)