Mental Discipline storms Gothic.Ru TOP 2012

You might remember that Mental Discipline’s Constellation was voted the best Russian synthpop album by the listeners of Synth Radio Russia. But it was just the beginning. The oldest and most renowned russian online portal dedicated to the dark scene, Gothic.Ru, just announced the results of the voting they conducted for 2012. To our great surprise, the results revealed that Mental Discipline was voted the best in four nominations! The nominations include Best Album, Best Band, Best Russian Band, Best Russian Band Live. Moreover, the track “Over Horizon” that features Roberto Conforti of Pulcher Femina has landed among the Best 10 hit tracks 2012! This is really incredible news for the band and for us too! We congratulate Alex Mental and everyone who was involved in making this album with this important achievement. All the hard work put into making this album was not in vain!