Mental Discipline Re-Constellation K-Mix 2013

Mental Discipline Re-Constellation K-Mix 2013

About a week ago we published the transcript of the radio interview with Alex Mental conducted by the talented Israeli DJ Oren Amram. Now it’s time to blame him for another awesomeness! Here’s a really cool mix made by Oren that consists of the tracks from Mental Discipline‘s outstanding debut album “Constellation“. Check this out, the different track listing gives it a different feel! Released in support of the forthcoming Mental Discipline show in Tel-Aviv, Israel, on March 8th.


01. Intro
02. Pray For Me (Feat. !Distain)
03. Over Horizon (Feat. Pulcher Femina)
04. God & Devil (Feat. Cold In May)
05. My Madhouse (Feat. Carved Souls)
06. Shine On Me (Feat. Alpha Point)
07. Different Lines (Feat. Davos)
08. Fall To Pieces (Feat. Felix Marc)
09. Disguise (Feat. Culture Kultür)
10. So Many Times (Feat. Endanger)
11. WDYWFM (Feat. Spektralized)


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