Invisible Devastation - The Thirteenth Apostle (2015)

Invisible Devastation – The Thirteenth Apostle (2015)

We are happy to present the long-awaited debut album from Russian harsh EBM / dark electro duo Invisible Devastation entitled “Тринадцатый Апостол [The Thirteenth Apostle]“!

Formed in 2009, the band attracted a lot of interest from the local fans. Moreover, the interest was further fueled by the lack of any information about the project. Later, however, it was revealed that the men behind Invisible Devastation are none other but the musicians from one of the best Russian synthpop bands, Mechanical Apfelsine!

Now, after several years of silence, Invisible Devastation are returning in full force to strike hard with their debut full-length release filled with harsh EBM stompers (Funker Vogt fans, attention!) and melodic synth hymns!


1. Вторжение [Invasion]
2. Мать Героина [Mother Of Heroin]
3. Я Ублюдок [I Am Bastard]
4. Бесконечность [Endlessness]
5. Тринадцатый Апостол [The Thirteenth Apostle]
6. Дьявол [The Devil]
7. Красное Братство [The Red Brotherhood]
8. Эпитафия [Epitaph]
9. Наследие [Legacy]
10. Покаяние [Redemption]
11. Мать Героина [Mother Of Heroin] (Refixed) (CD bonus)