Felix Marc

Fall To Pieces (Feat. Felix Marc) – full preview!

A few days ago we did a poll among the fans of Mental Discipline asking which track they want to hear in full-length before the album’s release. The result was quite predictible – the fans, both on Facebook and Vkontakte, voted for Fall To Pieces (Feat. Felix Marc). So, here you are, enjoy the track and the lyrics!

Fall to pieces

Neon light is shining
On your velvet skin and diamond eyes
It’s no use denying
You are running from the paradise
But the gates are hidden
And the key is lost inside your heart
Winter feels much colder
Tearing our world apart

So we we fall to pieces
You did not want to die or live
Wasted are your feelings
And still it’s so hard to believe
That we fall to pieces
There are no reasons to go on
You have lost your feelings
And now you suffer on your own

Do you hear me calling
Trying not to make the same mistakes
As your eyes get blurry
And you feel this pain will never end
Final fantasy turning
Before the fear deletes your face
Run away, run away from here
Never to return to my embrace

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