Mental Discipline - Fall 2 Pieces Contest

Fall 2 Pieces Contest!

It’s time to reveal some of the details of our next release – it’s gonna be “Fall 2 Pieces”, a new EP from Mental Discipline. This digital EP will contain three remixes by none other than Tom Shear of Assemblage 23, Tom Lesczenski of SITD and Tom (oops! got used to typing that!) Romeo Soroka of Ginger Snap5! Before starting the preorder, we have decided to run a little contest for all of the fans of Mental Discipline.

The rules are simple. Since the remixers were free to pick up any track they like on the album “Constellation” to do a remix of… you are to guess which tracks they picked! The first three people to guess them correctly (or get more correct answers than anyone else!) will get this awesome EP for free!

As a bit of a hint, below are the words of the remixers themselves:

Tom Shear: I brought the tempo back to 128, which seems to be the tempo in favor by a lot of DJs these days and just aimed for a very dancey sound, while putting the vocals in a different musical context.

Tom Lesczenski: I think with that song I can make a very typical SITD mix…pumping beats, strings, etc!

Romeo Soroka: I’ll take this one 😀

The contest lasts for a week, till June 10!

Send your answers to info[at] with the subject line: f2p constest.