Re/Vision - The SkyQode To De/Vision

De/Vision tribute preorder

We are proud to present a release we’ve been working on since the early 2014 – a tribute to De/Vision, one of the most famous and influential synthpop bands from Germany! We felt it was a bit unfair that such a great band, with a lot of great albums in their 25-year career, had no real tribute, so we decided to change this situation. The result is 12 bands from Russia, Ukraine and belarus including our very own Mental Discipline, Purple Fog Side, Unity One and Requiem4FM with their interpretations of 12 De/Vision tracks they love. The release date is set to February 10th, but you can now preview and preoder the tribute below.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

01. Alpha Point – Try To Forget
02. Fatal Aim – We Fly Tonight
03. Purple Fog Side – Aimee (Feat. Adora Vega)
04. 64 Rockets – I’m Not Dreaming Of You
05. Dust Heaven – Deliver Me
06. konclever – The Far Side Of The Moon
07. Mechanical Apfelsine – Flash Of Life
08. Requiem4FM – Dinner Without Grace
09. Unity One – Time To Be Alive
10. MIND:|:SHREDDER – Heart Of Stone
11. Mental Discipline – New Drug
12. Emphalie – Heroine