Skyqode Releases 2015

2015: SkyQode highlights

As 2015 draws to its end, it’s high time to look back at all that we have accomplished this year. And we must say we are pretty satisfied with that! It’s been a good busy year – 8 more releases, new artists, new partners. We are growing bigger and bigger with every year and that wouldn’t’ve been possible without support from all the nice people purchasing our releases – we say thank you to all of you!

The year 2016 looks very promising to us and we are looking forward to sharing all the great things that we are working on right now. So, stay tuned and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Now, let’s rewind the SkyQode highlights of 2015!


The year 2015 started for us with a premiere of Unity One‘s debut music video for their hit song “Infrared”. The video has a top quality production feel which is amazing once you learn that Mike E. (the band’s keyboards man and composer), who directed and cut this video, has never done anything like that before! The band is now completing their debut album which sounds really great, we can hardly wait to release it!

Another January highlight is the remix of Mental Discipline‘s “Over Horizon” done by a talented Russian producer Emzer. The remix sounds pretty cool and it’s free to download! And to answer your question – yes, Mental Discipline is about to finish his long-awaited second album!


February started off with the release of our first tribute compilation dedicated to one of the most influential synthpop bands, De/Vision! We’d been working hard on it throughout the whole 2014 and we are pretty satisfied with the final result. Another tribute is in the works now, we’ll share the details in spring!

The month concluded with the EP release of Pegasus Asteroid. We contacted this band in 2014 immediately after we had heard their self-released debut EP “Mechanical Heart” – an amazing synthpop record with a nostalgic sci-fi feel!


March was pretty quiet, except for the release of another free track, which was a brand new version of Invisible Devastation‘s hit “Mother Of Heroin”. It was a sign of their forthcoming debut album!


April was huge for us because of one thing – Resistanz! This renowned UK alternative festival invited Mental Discipline and Unity One to play alongside such bands as Hocico, Solitary Experiments, Reaper, Rave The Requiem and many more. This was really a major accomplishment both for us and our bands! Of course, we can’t but mention that it wouldn’t be possible without the help of our awesome long-time friend and partner Niki Nicosia of Eldkastare Productions!


After a summer break, we returned to activity in August with the release of Requiem4FM‘s third album! The second album was released in 2009, so the band had been flying under the radar for about six years! The come back was pretty solid, featuring great guests like Roman Ryabtsev of the Russian synthpop ledengs Technology, Xavier Morales of the American futurepop band Ruined Conflict, and the Swedish singer Tess Fries. This time the band is not going to disappear from the radars, so expect more Requiem4FM‘s stuff coming out in 2016!

Two weeks later another long awaited release saw the light – Invisible Devastation‘s debut album “The 13th Apostle”! Started in 2009, this project attracted a lot of attention in the local scene after releasing their first demos that featured a very interesting harsh EBM with the Russian lyrics. Now most people know that this is a side-project of the members of Russian synthpop band Mechanical Apfelsine. The band is now finishing a few brand new tracks that will be released in 2016.


In October we released a CD that set our standarts even higher as it was a release from a very respected man in the indstrial scene worldwide. This man is Marrko Barrientos from one of the best Mexican dark electro bands C-Lekktor. He approached us about releasing a debut album of his new side-project called Kromak in summer 2015.  After listening to the demo, we couldn’t simply say ‘no’ as it sounded really great! But the final version was, of course, even better with the amazing mastering done by the mighty Jan L of X-Fusion! Expect something new from Kromak in 2016!

The month ended with another great release, and it was Cold In May! The release was a big surprise for many people as it was the band’s first album in the Russian language! But music-wise it was the same Cold In May that we all love! The album made a big splash in the local scene, so we are looking forward to what the band prepare for us in 2016!


Shortly after Cold In May, we made another release that was a surprise – Diversant:13 returned with a new album that had the dark club 00s written all over it! The sound of the album reminded of the early Diversant:13 rather than what could be heard on their latest album “New World Disorder“. The reason for this is that the 2015 album was originally recorded about five years ago, but at that time it was shelved because of certain production issues. Since the issues were finally resolved, we decided to release it, ‘cos after all it’s an awesome record featuring some cool collaborations with Sleetgrout and Cynical Existence! Now the band is working on a brand new stuff and there’s a good chance you’ll hear it in 2016!


December brought us another label’s debut – awesome Italian harsh EBM act Synapsyche! The band already had a few self-released records including their debut album in 2014 which received a lot of positive feedback. But mark our words – their new stuff is even better, it’s just kickass! Their second album is almost completed and is set to  be released in 2016. Meanwhile, enjoy the new EP featuring remixes from Zweifelhaft and Device Noize.

Another highlight in December is Cold In May‘s show at the Moscow Synthetic Snow festival, where they played with such bands as Solar Fake, In Strict Confidence, Faderhead and others! The band debuted with the new line-up and presented their latest album.

And the final highlight of the year is, of course, signing another artist, a fragile-looking girl Mirreya! This project started in 2015 and their debut single is set to be released in January 2016 with more stuff to follow. We can’t wait to share it with you!